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Is World Cup ‘Friends Bulao, Century Banao, ₹ Kamao’

Let’s celebrate spirit of Cricket and Pray for India, winning the ICC World Cup 2019.

Invite Your Friends and Relatives to Join and Make Century.

Get 100 Runs / Points for Every Referral. For Every 1,000 Runs, You will Win MM Cash Equals to the Runs Made By Teams in Each Match of World Cup Played by Team India, as per below scheme:

  1. When your friends signup with your coupon code and verify their email id and mobile number, you will make century.
  2. When your referred friend gets his / her 1st order delivered, you will again make century.
  3. For every 1,000 runs, if India wins the match, you will get MM Cash equals to combined score of team India and loosing team.
  4. For every 1,000 runs, if India looses the match, you will get MM Cash equals to score made by team India.

Bonus Offer: Make 5,000 runs till Final Match of World Cup, you will win ‘Prime Membership’ of Medicines Mall.

What is Prime Membership?
If you become Prime Member, then you will Earn Real Cash (which you can withdraw in your bank account) for every purchase made by your referred friends for 3 Months period starting from World Cup Finale. You will get 5%-10% amount of every order of your friends.

How to invite friends / relatives to join

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click ‘Join Referral Program’ to participate in World Cup offer (one time registration)
  3. Fill the registration form with same registered email Id and new password
  4. Visit ‘My Account‘ section of again
  5. Click ‘Refer / Invite Buyers’ to access the ‘Referral Dashboard’ from ‘My Account‘ menu.
  6. Login with your User Name and new password
  7. Click on ‘Refer / Invite Buyers’ menu option
  8. Share your ‘Referral Coupon Code’ with given message (or write your own message) to your friends / relatives via SMS, Whatsapp, Social Media or simply by chatting or talking to them

What your friend / relative will get?
Every new joined user with your ‘Referral Coupon Code’, will get what is India’s Highest Score in World Cup so far, i.e. 413 for 5 against Bermuda at Port of Spain in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.
So every new joinee will get ₹ 413 MM Cash.

How to apply MM Cash?
Click here to login your account and follow below steps to buy:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Search Medicines and Add them to Cart
  3. Click Apply MM Cash button on Cart page
  4. Proceed to Checkout
  5. Fill your details to proceed for payment.