• Health and Physical Education Class 11 (E): Educational Book


    Published by the New Saraswati House (India) Pvt. Ltd., this textbook of Health and Physical Education will be a great start for the students of class 11 to learn the different aspects of Physical Education. The contents of the book maintain close parity with the guidelines and syllabus that has been laid out the by the CBSE. The well-selected chapters motivate the students to lead a healthy lifestyle and also inspire others to maintain a healthy life. Salient Features of the Textbook: • Enrich the knowledge of the students about the holistic wellness. • Penned by Dr. V.K. Sharma, it encourages the young students to participate in different curriculum activities that help the body to tone the muscles and maintain overall health and agility. • Chapters have been divided into different subsections and are explained in lucid language in order to help the students to learn it all, one at a time. • It also lets the students know about the different aspects of Physical Education including yoga, free hand exercises to name a few.

  • Picture It: Homeopathy: a Picture-based Guide to Homeopathic Remedies and Personalities


    When you meet someone new, through daily life, at work, or as a doctor seeing a patient, you form an immediate impression of that person. Over time, you get to know that person better by becoming familiar with their habits, quirks, and mannerisms. “Picture It: Homeopathy” combines both of these characteristics in learning about people through the study of homeopathy, providing picture-based snapshots with in-depth descriptions of 32 common remedies and their personalities.Whether you’re a student studying homeopathy or just interested in learning what homeopathy is all about, this unique and imaginative book offers a fun and exciting way for you to learn. Combining visual artistry with clear, concise descriptions, “Picture It: Homeopathy” makes the study of this fascinating medicine accessible to everyone. In a relaxed and humorous tone, Dr. Patel brings the study of homeopathy, and thereby people, into a fresh new light.

  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind


    This remarkable book by Dr. Joseph Murphy, one of the pioneering voices of affirmative thinking, will unlock for you the truly staggering powers of your subconscious mind. Combining time-honored spiritual wisdom with cutting edge scientific research, Dr. Murphy explains how the subconscious mind influences every single thing that you do and how, by understanding it and learning to control its incredible force, you can improve the quality of your daily life.Everything, from the promotion that you wanted and the raise you think you deserve, to overcoming phobias and bad habits and strengthening interpersonal relationships, the Power of Your Subconscious Mind will open a world of happiness, success, prosperity and peace for you. It will change your life and your world by changing your beliefs.

  • Care For Your Health: A User Manual for Living Healthy


    “”Learn about Health to Enjoy your Wealth”For people who want health and happiness in life, Care for Your Health is The Manual for their body and mind. Carefully following the instructions will bring you health and happiness in life. This book is based on the concept of “Knowledge is Power.” Once you go through it, you will be empowered with the necessary knowledge to keep yourself healthy forever.This book is an answer sheet to the questions my patients have asked me during my last 25 years of practice as a consultant surgeon. Every patient has asked me one common question, “Why do I have the disease?” I always counter question them, “Why do you not have great health?” I hope this book will answer all the questions you have regarding health, briefly. Through this Care for Your Health, you will be aware of the power within you. You will learn the correct ways of doing exercises and meditation and the importance of food and water in our body. You will learn stress management through S.T.R.E.S.S. Formula.Care for Your Health is not only a book but the beginning of a worldwide movement. Join the movement by visiting www.careforyourhealth.in.”

  • Constitutional Medicine: 1


    Dermatology has emerged as an important field in homoeopathy in recent years. Skin diseases account for a large proportion of the cases coming to homoeopathic physician who is constantly faced with the challenge of proper diagnosis and treatment. The vast array of symptoms and clinical presentation ofskin conditions highlight the need for proper diagnosis and appropriate investigation for homoeopathic prescription. This book combines the details of common skin diseases, well supported by clinical photographs, along with possible homoeopathic medicines available for relieving the agony of the patients in a scientific way. The general principles of homoeopathic treatment, details of skin structure, its functions and the approach of history taking in skin diseases in the three chapters should prove extremely useful to both the undergraduate students as well as practitioners. An appendix at the end of the text giving details of some selected homoeopathic medicines with their indications, miasmatic analysis, should also be useful to the practitioners at large.

  • Ayurveda (Idiot’s Guides)


    “A must-read for anyone coming to Ayurveda for the first time or as a readable brush-up for all. Sahara offers a contemporary explanation of Ayurvedic wisdom that resonates with today’s readers.”-Deepak ChopraDiscover your Ayurvedic Dosha (mind-body type) and find the ideal foods, self-care practices, yoga poses and meditations that are tailored to your unique needs! Well-known Ayurveda Expert Sahara Rose Ketabi explains Ayurveda in a contemporary way that hasn’t been done before. Ayurveda is the world’s oldest health system and sister science of yoga, originating in India 5000 years ago. It’s the age-old secret to longevity, digestive health, mental clarity, beauty and balance that’s regaining popularity today for its tried-and-trued methods. However, it’s often been difficult for readers to fully grasp Ayurveda’s intricate teachings.. Until Idiot’s Guides: Ayurveda.Sahara revitalizes ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and illustrates how little changes such as timing your meals, incorporating practices such as dry-brushing, oil-pulling and tongue-scraping, eating the correct foods for your digestive type and practicing the right yoga and meditation practices for your unique personality will radically enhance your health, digestion, radiance, intuition and bliss.The book includes: •       Discovering your unique Dosha and how it shows up in your physiology, metabolism, digestion, personality and even dreams. •       Learning how your body’s needs change according to the season, environment and time of day •       Ways to regain luster, passion and flow in your life •       Easy-to-make, plant-based recipes relating to each element •       Establishing an Ayurvedic morning and nighttime ritual for optimal balance •       Balancing your chakras according to your Dosha •       Using Ayurvedic herbs and spices to heal digestive issues, skin problems, hormonal imbalance and other ailments. •       Plenty of fun facts, holistic humor and sacred knowledge by Sahara that will help you seamlessly integrate Ayurveda into your lifestyle

  • A Guide To Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing

  • Homoeopathy in Rheumatism: 1


    An in-depth coverage of rheumatism and has included types of pain, a description of the many types of rheumatic disease groups, a materia medica of 122 remedies commonly used to treat these conditions, a repertory of rheumatic symptoms, the allopathic treatment of rheumatism, physiotherapy, exercise and diet.

  • Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica: 1


    The repertory of Homeopathic Materia Medica by James Tyler Kent became the standard and remains so until this day.

  • As a Man Thinketh


    Can you think of a single moment in the whole day when your mind is blank and thoughtless?Do you know how powerful every thought is?“Cherish your visions; cherish your ideals; cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment; of these, if you but remain true to them, your world will at last be built.”Giving an insight into the power of thoughts; the effect they have on our health, body and circumstances; and how we become what we think; this compelling literary essay by James Allen contains practical wisdom which will inspire, enlighten and help us discover our hidden powers.Written in a spiritual tone, As a Man Thinketh has been a valuable source of inspiration ever since its first publication in 1903. It continues to remain a classic bestseller.

  • The Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy


    This book includes information about the “atomic theory”, it relate homeopathy to some of the newer discoveries in modern medicine.



    The book ‘Symphony of Homoeopathy’ is a stepping stone towards a uniform practical guideline which is a need of the hour to establish care and a standard of treatment. If one Homoeopath could give relief to his patient with one particular medicine in a specific potency and dosage without compromising on philosophy to give such a relief then that could be repeated all over the world by all Homoeopaths. If a guideline helps to find the right remedy in order to achieve the permanent cure, then one such guideline should be prepared. This book is a call to each homeopath to prepare their own protocols and bring forth a standard of treatment for each practitioner across the globe.

  • Illustrated Guide to the Homeopathic Treatment: 3rd Edition


    Especially written for the benefit of the new practioners of homeopathy and layment who are interested to learn homeopathy and treat the common ailments of their family and themselves. The third revised edition of this book incorporates the authors knowledge and expereince that he gained in the recent years. new chapters like Adultery, Adrenalitis, Atheletes foot, Autism, etc. have been added. This book is unique as it contains knowledge about medicines, diseases, illustrations to explain dietary recommendations and basic facts which makes reading much more interesting. To make this book much more useful, potencies along with dosage has also been added with each remedy.

  • Mother Tincher – Materia Medica: 1


    “A complete Materia medica of mother tinctures opening the doors to treatment by crude drug forms practiced by the author himself for many years. A very handy guide for practitioners acquainting them with the art of treatment by homeopathic mother tinctures.”

  • Boericke’s New Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica with Repertory:Third Revised & Augmented Edition Based on Ninth Edition


    The book contains the well-known verified characteristic symptoms of all our medicines besides other less important symptoms aiding the selection of the curative remedy. All the new medicines and essentials of the published clinical experience of the school have been added. In its present compact form it contains the maximum number of reliable Materia Medica facts in the minimum space.

  • Diabities Type 1 & 2


    The Book explodes the biggest ever deception of the morden medical science i.e Diabeties. It also attempts to explain that diabetes is less of an endocrine disorder and more of a political disease and finally equips the reader with a simple method which can help an individual to cure himself of 3D’s – Diabebtes, Drugs & Doctors and save the nation of a massive economic burden. This book is an outcome of author’s personal account of living in a nation with highest percentage of diabetes patients(Kuwait,17.5%) to spending time with the world’s longest living human(121 yrs old Nguyen Thi Tru)

  • The Chronic Diseases: Their Peculiar Nature and their Homoeopathic Cure: 1


    This is the best way to understand the miasms as they were first discussed. Hahnemanns prescient prose foreshadows modern thinking concerning the origin of disease. His miasmatic theory lays the groundwork for the homeopathic treatment of chronic disease. With his review of 48 homeopathic medicines Hahnemann shows how this theory is utilized in practice.

  • Wonders of a Single Dose in Homoeopathy: 2nd Edition


    This book provides insight into the principles in homoeopathic practice supported by clinical references all throughout. There is some vital information as regards the use of specifics, palliatives, and antidotes in common practice and the do’s and don’t’s in homoeopathy. An account of remarkable relief’s from ill health and miraculous cures effected further justifies its superiority over other fields of medicine and the need for propagation of the natures way of healing.

  • Wonder World Of Mother Tinchers in Homeopathy With Therapeutics


    Wonder world of mother tincher in Homeopathy with therapeutics in the hurry and bustle of the age, sometimes the physician is not in a position to devote much tie to reach the simillimum. Allopathy-minded patients demand immediate relief of ailments. Many mother tinctures will at once arrest the progress of many diseases and afford instant cure. The book wonder world of mother tinctures in Homeopathy with therapeutics has been written with great endeavour and sincerity for the purpose of acquainting homeopathic practitioners with infallible drugs which can be used in tincture form. It contains material medica of more than 500 mother tinctures; with the directions about dosage and repetition the book contains the most valuable prescriptions and experiences of the world-renowned homeopathic physicians who have gained laurels by using mother tinctures. There are special chapters such as instant distress redeemers in mother tinctures, clinical hits in mother tinctures and many more clinically relevant sections which add weight age to the work.

  • The Homeopathic Physician’s Quick Prescriber: 1


    This is a consolidation of the various experiences of the physicians who dedicated themselves for the cause of Homeopathic science.