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Homeopathy works beautifully to speed healing and relieve pain after birth so that you can enjoy mothering your new baby.

Arnica Montana: This is the number one remedy for the pain and bruised all over feeling that many women feel after birth. Take 1 to 2 pellets of Arnica 30C every 2 to 3 hours for the first day, and then take a dose 2 or 3 times a day for the next 2 or 3 days as needed. It will help to stop pain and bleeding and ease the effects of physical and mental shock.

Hypericum: This is an excellent remedy for relieving pain in areas rich in nerve endings, such as the intense pain that may follow an episiotomy, a forceps or vacuum delivery, or an epidural or other IV injection. Shooting pains and pain in the tailbone or perineum may also be relieved by this remedy.

Staphysagria: This remedy will relieve pain from deep surgical incisions after Cesarean sections or episiotomies. It will also help severe pain and sensitivity of the genital organs that is worse after sitting. This mother may have feelings of anger, shame, or humiliation from the birth experience.

Bellis Perennis: This remedy will help the mother who has deep aching pain and bruised soreness in the pelvis following a Cesarean section, forceps delivery, or similar trauma, especially if Arnica hasn’t helped.

Calendula: This remedy has a reputation for healing infected wounds (e.g. incisions). It can be taken orally in the 6c, 12c, or 30c strength, but it also works wonders in cream or gel when applied directly to the inflamed area (e.g. perineum). Calendula gel or cream is also excellent for diaper rash and sore, cracking nipples both as a healer and as a preventative.

Phytolacca: A woman needing this remedy may have painful, inflamed, or red breasts; lumps in the breast; or cracked nipples. When the baby nurses, pain radiates from your nipple all over your body. You feel exhausted with aching muscles or joints, as if you have the flu. This remedy is a rapid healer for certain kinds of mastitis.

Medicines for Childbirth Care | Post-natal Care

Disclaimer: Description is only paragraphed based on the experience of homeopathic doctors as published in Materia Medica Book of Homeopathy. This is not a medico-legal prescription. Take 200 CH potency of dilutions once in a day empty stomach, but we recommend you to consult a doctor on how much to take and how often to take a remedy. Views and Medicines prescribed in videos are own thoughts of doctors, Medicines Mall doesn’t take responsibility for the expressed views.Self-medication can be dangerous, Consult your doctor before taking medicine.
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