Every parent worries when their child runs a fever. A human body’s oral temperature ranges between 97 and 99 degrees. Anything over 100.4 is technically a fever. A body at a heightened temperature actually fights infection more efficiently than one at a normal temperature. Many parents hit the panic button at 100 degrees. Fever is a friend. Always call your doctor if you are concerned about the cause of a fever – but try to tame your anxiety about the fever itself and avoid using traditional analgesics to bring it down. Tylenol, Motrin, and aspirin all have side effects that can cause serious physical harm to small children. The correct homeopathic remedy will allow you or your child’s body to correct the problem – bringing the fever down in the process.

Aconite: Sudden onset of symptoms; patient intensely nervous, restless, anxious and fearful; skin is hot, dry; bounding pulse.

Arsenicum Album: Fearful; restless; burning pain relieved by warmth; very thirsty for frequent sips of water; rapid prostration, increasing weakness; worse after midnight.

Belladona: Sudden onset of symptoms; patient has a flushed face, high temperature; pulse is strong and rapid; they have little to no thirst; may become delirious.

Bryonia: Grumpy bear patient; patient prefers to lie still as they are worse from very little movement; very thirsty, drink large amounts of water; usually pale and quiet.

Ferrum Phosphoricum: Gradual onset of symptoms; red cheeks, throbbing head, but milder than belladonna; pulse fast and weak, better from cold applications on the head.

Gelsemium: 4 Ds dull, droopy, dumb, dopey; patient is chilly, aches all over, doesn’t want to move; dull headache, droopy eyes, heavy limbs, chills up and down back; despite fever, no thirst.

Phosphorus: Patient has fever and chills and nightsweats; a thirst for cold drinks; often needed when a head cold goes into the chest; a child with a temperature of 104 degrees may appear to be perfectly well; patient may be hungry despite fever.

Pyrogenium: Most indicated in blood poisonings; temperature goes up and down; pulse is weak and rapid; restless, aches all over, has chills, is alternatively hot and cold, and complains bed is hard.
When to Call a Doctor Here are a few tips: Your child has a fever with no other symptoms that lasts for three days or more. Your child develops a fever two to three days after surgery. Your child has a fever with abdominal pain, vomiting, chest pains or rash. Your child has a fever and is three months old or younger.

Medicines for Fever

Disclaimer: Description is only paragraphed based on the experience of homeopathic doctors as published in Materia Medica Book of Homeopathy. This is not a medico-legal prescription. Take 200 CH potency of dilutions once in a day empty stomach, but we recommend you to consult a doctor on how much to take and how often to take a remedy. Views and Medicines prescribed in videos are own thoughts of doctors, Medicines Mall doesn’t take responsibility for the expressed views.

Self-medication can be dangerous, Consult your doctor before taking medicine.
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