Motion Sickness

There is nothing more miserable than motion sickness on a long journey. If you are prone to this malady, make sure you find a good remedy and test it on a short trip before you try it on any longer trips like on a vacation. One of the following remedies is likely to help:

Borax: You fear downward motion, and feel worse when the plan is landing or the boat lurches downward suddenly.

Cocculus: You have much nausea and dizziness and a strong desire to lie down. The symptoms are worse from watching moving objects or from seeing or smelling food.

Kali Bichromicum: This can help seasickness; severe nausea and dizziness that are worse from standing up. You may feel weak and achy, especially in the bony areas of the face or head; if you vomit, it may be bright yellow.

Nux Vomica: You have severe nausea with difficulty vomiting, and an intense headache at the back of your head or over one eye. You are chilly and feel worse from the smell of food, tobacco, and coffee.

Petroleum: You have persistent nausea with excessive salivation, stomach pain, and stiffness at the back of the head or neck. You may feel worse from light, noise, or when trying to sit up.

Rhus Tox: This is helpful for airsickness with nausea and vomiting. Your mouth and throat are dry, and you have an unquenchable thirst.

Tabacum: You are nauseated. Others say you appear almost green. You feel better from cold, fresh air.

Medicines for Motion Sickness

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