Homeopathy can be effective in treating patients with painful conditions, but unlike conventional pain medications where the same ones are used for most all patients with a given condition, homeopathic remedies must be individually prescribed for good results. Visit a professional homeopath to treat a chronically painful condition. But the following are a handful of remedies that might help in patients with a few, selected conditions when treating at home: 

Arnica: Patients needing this remedy have a sore, lame, bruised feeling. It is the most commonly indicated remedy after any trauma, bruises, overuse of organs, or strain. It is helpful after childbirth, surgery, and often helps those suffering from jet lag. 

Bryonia: The grand keynote of this remedy is “worse from any movement.” Bryonia is indicated for pains that are stitching, sticking, or tearing in quality, for example, a patient with an inflamed knee that has a stitching or tearing quality that must be kept still. This remedy is also often indicated in patients with sinusitis, pleurisy, appendicitis, headaches, and the flu. Patients needing this remedy are often irritable, thirsty, and constipated.

Chamomilla: Patients needing this remedy are characteristically oversensitive, irritable, thirsty, hot, and may have numbness with the pain. They are so irritable, the pain is unendurable. This remedy is often indicated in children for painful conditions such as teething and middle ear infections. The children must be carried, one cheek is often red while the other remains pale, and they may throw down objects which they demanded just moments before. I have also seen it help a number of times with women enduring a difficult labor. 

Ledum Palustre: This remedy is on my mind since an elderly female patient of mine with a terribly painful attack of gout responded so well to it just this week. It is commonly indicated in cases with painful soles of the feet, such as plantar fascitis. The patient is often chilly, the injured or ill part is cold (but it also may be red and hot), and the pain is relieved somewhat by cold applications. This is the main remedy for puncture wounds. 

Magnesium Phosphoricum: This is a leading remedy for patients suffering from severe pains, often cramping or neuralgic (nerve) in origin. The pains are relieved somewhat by warmth. Consider it in patients with toothache, teething, or cramping abdominal pain (such as menstrual cramps) forcing the patient to bend double, place warm applications on the abdomen, and press on the abdomen. 

Nux Vomica: Patients needing this remedy are irritable, oversensitive, and usually chilly. They often have constipation with ineffectual urging. They often cannot bear noises, light, odors, etc. This remedy is commonly indicated in patients with hangovers and digestive disturbances after dietary indiscretions (i.e., over-indulging). 

Rhus Tox: This remedy is frequently indicated in patients with musculoskeletal problems that have pains and stiffness on beginning to move, but they limber up with continued movement and feel better. This may be an injury to a limb (such as a sprain) or a back strain/injury.  The fact of the matter is that almost any homeopathic remedy may be indicated and give relief in patients with painful conditions. The list above merely reflects some commonly indicated remedies in common conditions. Many other remedies such as Aconite, Belladonna, Coffea, and others might be indicated, so don’t be afraid to check a more complete source, such as a homeopathic home health book, for other possibilities. Always pay close attention to the character of the pain, the location of the pain, and the modalities (those things that make the pain better and worse). Always observe and check for other symptoms the patient is having which may seem unrelated to the condition but may be the clue for choosing a curative remedy.

Medicines for Pain

Disclaimer: Description is only paragraphed based on the experience of homeopathic doctors as published in Materia Medica Book of Homeopathy. This is not a medico-legal prescription. Take 200 CH potency of dilutions once in a day empty stomach, but we recommend you to consult a doctor on how much to take and how often to take a remedy. Views and Medicines prescribed in videos are own thoughts of doctors, Medicines Mall doesn’t take responsibility for the expressed views.

Self-medication can be dangerous, Consult your doctor before taking medicine.
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