Sty / Stye

Apis Mellifica: A pinkish sty with stinging and burning pain. Edema and pain are relieved by cold compresses.

Belladonna: A tender red sty on with throbbing pain, the eye is sensitive to light.

Euphrasia: Sensation of sand in the eye, eyelids are stuck together

Hepar Sulphur: An extremely painful sty in a child prone to acute suppurations, eyelids stuck together with purulent discharge; the child is irritable and touchy. A warm compress speeds the rupture and relieves the pain.

Pulsatilla: Inflamed eyelids, stuck together with yellowish discharge; symptoms are alleviated by cold compresses; sty is painless or with mild pain; stye is almost always on the upper eyelid; shy and timid child prone to recurrent stys.

Silicea: Also works well for preventing recurrent styes; a child prone to lingering suppurations
Staphysagria: The main medicine for chalazion (a lump in the eyelid that is not painful). Fits best children who tend to suppress their emotions.

Medicines for Sty / Stye

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