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Source: Dita Bark
Malarial diseases, with diarrhea, dysentery, anaemia, feeble digestion, are the general conditions suggesting this remedy. Characteristics are the gone sensation in stomach and sinking in abdomen, with debility. A tonic after exhausting fevers.

–Violent purging and cramp in bowels. Heat and irritation in lower bowels. Camp diarrhea, bloody stool, dysentery; diarrhea from bad water and malaria. Painless watery stools (Phosph ac). Diarrhea immediately after eating.

–Compare: Similar in action to Alstonia constricta, the bitter bark or native quinine of Australia. Ditain (active principle, is anti-periodic, like quinine, but without unpleasant effects). Cinchona (similar in diarrhea, chronic dyspepsia and debility). Hydrastis; Fer cit et chin.

–Tincture to third potency. Locally, for ulcers and rheumatic pains.

Disclaimer: The description given here is only for educational purpose, which has been extracted from multiple books related to homeopathy; and must not be considered as substitute to any medical consultation/prescription of qualified doctors. It must not be used for any medico-legal purpose. Medicines Mall or any of its associates, directors, employees will not be responsible for the authenticity of the contents or for any mistake.
Patient must take proper advice of qualified doctors before taking any dose of this medicine, as self medication may be harmful.

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